• Advanced studies (Educational Technology and Informatics: Grad) 教育情報工学特講 (from 2012)
  • Research skills (Research Survey in Information Media Studies: Grad) 情報メディア特別演習 (from 2012)
  • Thesis studies (BA, MA, PhD): supervision and campus external evaluation committee member 学位論文指導
  • General English, ESP, EAP  一般・理系・アカデミック英語
  • 研究室名: 「eラーニング・教育情報工学研究室」

As external lecturer

  • Qualitative research and analysis (ICU grad, guest lecturer, 2011)
  • E-learning and distance education eラーニングと遠隔教育 (OUJ undergrad, intensive seminar, since 2011)
  • E-learning and learning design eラーニングと学習デザイン (OUJ undergrad, intensive seminar, since 2010)
  • Information science using English textbook (ICT skills) 情報リテラシー (Tama undergrad, weekly classes, 2006-2008)    *Course contents corresponding to “connecting with computer science” (Anderson et al.) chapters 1 to13


  • Extramural faculty review committee member 外部教員評価委員
  • Extramural PhD dissertation evaluation committee member 外部博論審査委員
  • Extramural research proposal funding evaluation committee member 外部学術審査委員

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